What is an eCommerce website?

An e-Commerce Website is any type of business that involves the use of the internet and selling a product or service. The first thing that comes to mind is an online store, like Amazon, that sells goods that are then shipped to a consumer. However, an e-Commerce Website could involve the sales of virtual goods or services as well. eCommerce is a growing sector of the internet as more and more originations are bringing their real-life stores online. For example, a website set up with the purpose of selling an eBook or informational brochure would be an e-Commerce Website. Another example is a rent a car company that books appointments and takes payment online.

Smart Software Ltd provides an eCommerce website Development service in Bangladesh. The right e-Commerce Website will engage customers, enrich your business and improve your bottom line. The wrong one can drive traffic away. That is why we offer top-notch solutions to help you solve your e-Commerce problem!

WooCommerce currently powers more than 30% of all eCommerce websites, including Harley Davidson, Cosmopolitan, New Balance, and Entrepreneur. This powerful, extendable platform continues to gain market share due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface.

    Important Future list of eCommerce websites:

  • Category Management
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Account & Profit Management
  • An Easy Checkout System
  • Product Management
  • Order and Delivery Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Reporting Tooling
  • Customer Feedback

    All that you need for eCommerce:

  • Delegate delivery tasks smartly within available resources
  • Track down movements right from pickup to delivery
  • Let customers know where their product is via the on-demand delivery app
  • Geolocation and GPS for navigation and real-time tracking
  • Get customer feedback to evaluate the quality of your fulfillment
  • Three different delivery status informs on every stage of progress

1. What payment gateways do you integrate while you build an eCommerce website?

Payment gateway integration is an important phase in the development process. So, basically as a part of our eCommerce solutions, we integrate some of the standard payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc., and also recommend our clients to go for the same. In general, Magento supports over 50 payment gateways and we integrate all of them.

2. How welcoming will my eCommerce website be towards technical upgrades?

We build your eCommerce website using Magento. As it is open source development software, it gives us the elbow room to perform any number of technical upgrades when we build an online store. In our journey of handling a variety of eCommerce projects, we have performed technical upgrades for many of our clients.

3. Do you offer performance optimization services?

Performance optimization is an integral part of our development service. As one of the seasoned eCommerce solutions providers, we have an elite team of experts who have garnered knowledge out of the exposure towards multiple performance optimization challenges and peculiar requirements of eCommerce business owners. Our eCommerce service providers deploy techniques such as Sprite Image, Ajax Loading, minimizing HTTP requests, Full Page Cache, Content Delivery Network, and so on to significantly better your site’s loading speed.

4. Do you recommend COD & do you integrate it with eCommerce stores?

We very much recommend the COD (Cash On Delivery) option like any of the leading eCommerce service providers would do because it helps you serve your customers better. You can suggest the types of payment through which you are willing to accept payment from your customers when we create your online store so that we can get it perfectly integrated into your website.

5. Will I be able to integrate 3rd party extensions to my eCommerce store?

As an 8-yr-old e-commerce company, we have no problems integrating third-party extensions, provided those extensions belong to Magento. In fact, many of our clients approach us to integrate third-party extension when we build an eCommerce website as it requires a bit of technical expertise. Integrating extension has become a part and parcel of our development services.

6. How secure is your eCommerce website development service?

As professional eCommerce developers, right from the initial stages of development, we lay prime focus on your website’s security. We have a team of 50+ certified developers in our eCommerce solutions providing a team that makes sure your store is insulated against security threats by using techniques like code validation. Additionally, we build eCommerce websites making use of standard encryption methods.

7. Will my eCommerce site be robust enough to handle heavy traffic?

Ecommerce sites are prone to witness rapid traffic fluctuations, which could eventually lead to downtime. As a professional eCommerce website builder, we provide Amazon cloud server solutions as a part of our eCommerce solutions. Our cloud solution providers deploy your store on AWS cloud. Cloud servers are basically robust and prepare your site to handle heavy traffic.

8. Do you provide training & guidance to manage my store?

Of course. Once we finish your eCommerce website development we provide training that is necessary to manage once your open an eCommerce store. Our developers will explain to you the complete functionalities of your site. Further to it, we provide you with a user manual that will guide you on a day-to-day basis. In addition, our eCommerce solutions support team functions round the clock to help you.

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