Why you will rate Smart Software as the best IT Company in Bangladesh

Are there any criteria that make a company great? We believe in three conditions which help us to keep our company as the leading position in Bangladesh.

Service : Provide effective, fast and reliable service is our first and foremost condition that makes our company best. We believe that effective Service is the key to Customer satisfaction. We want to gain the trust that needs to rise among lots of IT Company in Bangladesh

Employees : Our highly-qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals those are works to meet client's need. Actually, they are the blood circulation of a company; they are working to develop the company.

Motive : We work on two common motives like great companies in the world. Firstly: In our working process we all have a clearly defined motive for clients end and another is employee satisfaction who works develop their workstation. Our employees have taken those mottos to their hearts.

In recent years Smart Software Ltd considered as a top listed company in Bangladesh. We are dedicated to providing custom made software to our clients with a combination of dedication and new technologies.

Our covered area : Government projects, Startups, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estates, Hospital, Garments, Manufacture based software, Non Profit and NGO’s

Products of Smart Software : Since 2014 Smart Software Ltd earned the trust of 375 customers from different types of industries. Smart Software Ltd not only the products provider but also they also provide effective support. We work to develop our client's demand, Outstanding user interface and new technologies applied to develop customer demand. We always believe that if we can't fulfill our client's needs, our presence will be useless. Smart Software has been praised for its outstanding products of school management software, HRM software, production costing, ERP, garments ERP. POS, Cable billing software, hotel management software, real state ERP, mobile apps development, restaurant management. To increase our referral customers always provide some attractive facilities like 3 months of free service from the delivery time.

Government projects : Smart Software Ltd keeps collaboration with the government to development for digitalization. In recent years we have done a lot of projects including local government administration, business association, ministry work. More than 75 union Parishad use our automation system, websites. We provide a technical solution to the different chambers of commerce association.

Startups : In recent years startups companies are spreading like a spider web. Most of the startups are working on e-commerce development, Financial services, IT-enabled services, social development areas.

We are creative and innovative to develop different types of web development services and different types of other software as their needs. We are working to give an online shape of their new journey.

Education : Smart Software Ltd plays a vital role to develop school management software. More than hundreds of educational institutes use our school management software. We ensure the standards level of features of the school management software.

Pharmaceuticals : To manage the pharmaceutical industry we had a challenge, as always accepted challenges are being gained. The large inventory list can maintain easily with our automated software.

Real Estates : Few companies have come with the proper solution to this industry level. Smart Software provides a gift for the Real Estate industry to maintain its traditional system in a digital way.

Hospital : Developed countries already give an automated shape in their health and hospital-based industries. Though it was late we have the best things to develop hospital management software. From outdoor to patient’s release everything can be controlled by our software.

Garments Industries: Garments industries are the leading categories of business. We bring an automated process that is designed and developed with high-level integration with different modules. Our system is able to Keep the track of all the activities including receiving an order from a buyer, costing of order, resource planning, procurement of raw materials, production management, inventory management, import-export process, order reconciliation process, etc.

Manufacture Company: We know the value of the production process. Production based companies always looking for a type of software that should have the ability to fulfill their demands.Besides office process automation those company needs to track all the process of production. We have developed an automated system that can keep the record from raw materials to finished goods.

Non Profit organization : We are not only a business organization who works to gather profit, but we also provide technical support for them who works for social activities, social development moreover nonprofit organization. Smart Software works to develop the society with the digital touch. Primarily we provide the website for nonprofit origination.

Like other established company our journey was not on the butter mixed road but now can make that possible only depends on our mission, core values. We love to create and play with new technologies. We want to hear from you. We must give the shape of your demands. Work with us for your better solution.