Top 10 e-Commerce Sites In Bangladesh (2020)

The Rising tiger of the developing economy considered as Bangladesh. Bangladeshi individuals are gradually building up a culture of utilizing the web a piece of its day by day life. Nowadays People are like to give priority to choices of comfort and are less worried about the cost while shopping. They look for simpler, dependable, and relevant web-based shopping alternatives where they can shop whenever as online shops are open all day. To snatch the golden business opportunity web-based shopping industry in Bangladesh presently prepared. Even though the developing pace of the e-commerce industry is getting a lot higher, with time goes there are currently a significant number of quantities of thriving on the online-based business locales in Bangladesh to meet the web-based shopping needs of the general population.

We are here to give you the data on the best web-based shopping locales in Bangladesh with the goal that you may have a decent encounter while shopping on the web.

We have listed the top 10 e-commerce sites in 2019 based on Alexa and the social bakers' Platform. 


eCommerce Website














Ajker Deal











With a wide range of categories such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, electronics, accessories Priyoshop bloggers release in release in 2013. It has become a popular e-commerce site having the necessary facilities that an e-commerce site maintains the committed to delivering their products across the countries. More than 5 lacks followers maintained by the Priyoshop Facebook page.


Rokomari (Most popular Online Bookshop in Bangladesh)

Rokomari brings revolutionary changes to the mind of Bangladeshi people. Nowadays you don't need to go to the book market to buy a book but you can purchase with your fingertips within a second. They achieved the most trusted position for purchasing books of different interests. On 19 January 2012 Rokomari started their journey. They provide home delivery facilities for the 3 cities   Dhaka, Chittagong, and Rangpur. They started their website to sell books but recently they also include the electronics section. With attractive discount policies, low-cost home delivery system, moreover trusted factor they can get more and more clients day by day.

Do you know how many followers of their fan page? Surprisingly Facebook statistics show 21,33,250 fans they have gained.


Daraz (most popular e-commerce)

With a massive international and branded collection, Daraz started their journey in the year 2015, Although it is a Bangladeshi company in recent they mark their step in the international playground of the e-commerce business. They claim 100% authentic product collection and maintain a 7 days return policy from the delivery date. In recent, another company Kaymu are being affiliated with Daraz. 

Providing discount offers, installment facilities, and a warranty they also support different payment methods like VISA card, Bkash payment, and cash on delivery.  

Socialbakers shows us it maintains  1,69,6912 number of a fan on their social media page.


Pickaboo (Online Shopping in Bangladesh)

If you are looking for the best electronics product then just search Pickaboo. Top-quality electronics product suppliers in Bangladesh. From their beginning year in 2016 working to deliver the best products by maintains trust and quality.  They have already ranked 5th in terms of popularity. Promised to provide  100% authentic products at marked down prices even they have EMI facilities with a very easy return policy. 

Pickaboo holds 1,044,928 number of fans. (Top supplier of Fashion, Watches, Electronics products)

Did you search for Don't worry I am within the boundary.  Just bring that term because  rebranded as Bagdoom start their journey to become a lifestyle brand instead of just sell lifestyle products. They sell trendy lifestyle products for youth. They sell almost all kinds of products lifestyle-related by maintaining 100 percent customer satisfactory level

Top supplier of trending products Bagdoom Facebook page followed by  1,143,570 people.


Ajker Deal

Today's competitive market Ajker deal is in a rising position by its exceptional digital marketing policy. As per As I analysis most discount has been offered by this site for their products of huge collection about 200k. Customers can find their necessary items under an umbrella. It's the sister concern of and started their journey in the year of 2015. They offer a free return policy for selling products with different amount of discount rate   

Ajker deal is not active in the social network as they act in SEO but maintain  1,02423



November 28, 2015, the Pran-RFL group launched their sister concern named deals with clothing, jewelry, electronics, makeup, toys, accessories, furniture, home appliances, etc by ensuring low-cost delivery charge than other e-commerce sites. They provide a unique facility that anyone from outside of Bangladesh can purchase products online providing a Bangladeshi shipping address.

Magnificent number of fan that Othoba maintains, that is 12,86,221  deals to provide world-famous cosmetics products in Bangladesh. In 2013 started their unique journey. They provide the best quality skin products with the fastest delivery system in Bangladesh. They are the legal retailer & distributor of many world-famous cosmetics.

More than 10 lakhs  but the actual number of their fan page is 11,01,443



Branoo mostly deals with women cosmetics products but Branno also brings its uniqueness. Sell branded perfumes. Famous branded perfumes are available here, You can buy original perfumes from Branno.

Trying to get more attention from their fan, already fan number  3,35,838 the SOCIAL BAKERS count



As I mentioned before all the websites are product selling websites. But now I will discuss a site where you can not only buy products but also you can sell there. Yes, that is ClickBd. You can earn from ClickBd the most visited website in the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh by selling products. In the year of 2005, ClickBd started its journey. They are committed to maintaining a fair price.

As the oldest site fan number is lower than expectations, about 3,61,84 they maintained

Who were the toppers in the 2018 list?

Let's check the list of 2018




Here we have noticed lots of changes in this list. Some top-listed sites lost their position.

Most of the time for e-commerce website lost their position on considering these factors 

• User Experience

• Customer  Service

• quality content

• Promotional strategy


User Experience

Plays a vital role in keeping a website in a higher position. User experience depends on criteria like security, functionality, searching ability, adaptable screen compatibility. Lacking this criteria user experience goes down. As a result ranking platform counts this and makes the changes.


Customer  Service

Better customer service keeps maintaining the flow of the customer. Queries about product information, quality, origin frequently asked by a customer, an E-commerce site should reply to this information in time. Better customer service creates an impact on visiting a number.


Quality content

Content works as the fundamental base for any website. Perfect and targeted keyword helps to get a higher rank, lots of organic traffic. Search engine likes them who maintains the quality of the content 


Promotional strategy

Nowadays in the competitive market promotional strategy has been changed, sites owner needs to apply a new promotional strategy when needed. It helps to attract the customer. 


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