Important of Time & Attendance Software !

A technological system that uses information about a person to identify that person which is called Biometric System. The biometric device depends on specific or unique data to effectively work. Biometric system used for measurement and statistical studies of people’s unique physical and behavioral attributes. This system can be used in Office access for employees, Institute, Airport security, Building Access, Blood Banks, etc.

There are two types of Biometric sensors. One is Physiological Biometrics and another is Behavioral Biometrics.

Physiological Biometrics: The Physiological biometrics mainly include-

·         Fingerprint

·         Face recognition

·         Hand geometry

·         Iris recognition

·         DNA

Behavioral Biometrics: The Behavioral Biometrics mainly include-

·         Keystroke

·         Signature

·         Voice recognition


Time Attendance and Access Control Biometric system are gaining more popularity because of its importance. This system has a tracking module to identify a person. The system has the capability to track a person-specific fingerprint, face recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition Biometric system makes sure a person valid or not. Private sectors and government sectors used this system to track the entry and exit hours of the employees. There are various advantages that have found in installing Fingerprint Time & Attendance Software which is the reason this system is spreading its hooks in almost every working sector. Some mentionable importance of the biometric machine has been explained below.

Importance of Biometric Time & Attendance System:

·         Say no to Proxy Attendance:

Proxy attendance and access control security system is mandatory for Biometric security system software. This is the prevention of security software. A smart security system allows you to remove proxy attendance. To get approved by a Biometric security system one needs to share one of the kind physical features such as Fingerprint, Face recognition, Iris recognition which is nearly impossible to replicate or share.

·         Accurate Data:

Human Resource Management (HRM) software directly connects with Biometric Time & Attendance Security system. This significant feature allows you to create a report based on current data for analysis without any risk or problems. Another facility you don’t need to wait a long time for data to be updated for verification. You can collect your data easily.



·         Recording Worked Data:

Although the way people work has been recognized, write down those hours has lagged far behind. Technology is still trapping and finding many executives look on paper-based time card systems. Even out of date swipe card systems break too much space for error. Between overpayments, buddy punching, and human error, operating budgets are creating for too much waste time. On the other hand, businesses can save on annual payroll expenses.

·         Payroll Detection:

Payrollconnected with leave management and attendance, which is very important.HRM software and Access Control systems are connected with the Biometric system. These significant features enable your team to eliminate mistakes related to payroll processing.

·         Low Cost:

At the point when the entire system depends on the biometric system, you don't have to stress over the additional expense of chip cards which later end up being costly. This is on the grounds that the vast majority of the representatives frequently lose their cards or they steal away the two of which is a significant normal issue nowadays.

How accomplishes Biometric Software Work?

This machine is utilized to keep the correct record of entry and exit of the laborers. Representatives need to check-in and out utilizing their physical follows, for example, fingerprints or retinal output and so forth. Once in a while, this machine can be utilized by entering the Personal Identification Number(PIN) number which must match the retinal or unique fingerprint check.

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