Ready-made Software or custom software?

Meet with the perfect solution software is the most needed product that can run your business

smoothly. In This article we will discuss the pros and cons of the two types of software -Ready built

software & custom-tailored software.


Primarily custom-tailored software can be easily expressing its nature by its name. That means you can

design these types of software according to your needs. You can define which features are needed to

you or which are not important for your business. This type of software provides more flexibility when

you use it. But one thing you need to keep in mind that custom-tailored software development cost

higher than ready built software. A developer needs more attention to meet with your desired

specifications. On the other hand, you will get any ready-built software at a lower cost. Common and

standard features are always available in these types of software, Sometimes the features of the

software are also high. Moreover, Customization issues make a difference in the price range. So you

need to take the final decision depends on your budget and implementation time.


Reason for the high price

Assume that at a time you feel the importance of the software for your business. Then you may go out

to a few software development companies to get an estimate but you are shocked when you see the

estimation rate. Then the naturally inescapable question comes to your mind why is building custom

software expensive?


To develop custom-tailored software engineers need to give full-time support to develop. This software

cannot be sold the second time because it developed based on the client's requirements. However,

build software can be sold whatever number time as could reasonably be expected. The expense of

manufacturing can be taken from a few customers. For a model, if the expense of manufacture of a

product is a hundred dollars and if we can offer it to ten clients for twelve dollars (two dollar benefit)

every then every customer needs to pay just twelve dollars for a product which is very moderate for a

customer. Then again, on the off chance that it's a custom improvement, at that point, the customer

needs to pay the hundred dollars in addition to the benefit for the product which is expensive. Even

though some Giant Companies wants’ to develop customized software to their business as a result of

their data security, simple recreation, and some different elements.


 The Development Team

 Size and complexity of the software

 It depends on the design


The Development Team

Nowadays Software developers demand high even they demand top dollar for their time and expertise

as investment by their side. But if you want to assign an intern or single developer then the customer

won't get the perfect service by this view of developer companies clients get the high amount budget of

custom software


Size and complexity of the software

Custom made software is like the canvas of the company demand. To meet the demand cost of these

types of software going high.


It depends on the design

Every client wants these types of software that look nice and easy to use. But a great design can’t be just

included in the price of software development.

An attractive piece of software with excellent usability takes more hours of planning and implementing.

Just as you would pay for the design of a website, you have to pay for the design of your software too.


Our suggestion for your organization

Your business policy defines what types of software you need to get, it completely on you and your

business policy. As we research on customer demand they like to buy ready-made software like HRM,

Payroll software, CRM software, Accounting software, Hotel management software, Inventory

management software, POS software, and School management. Some software like Production

management software, account and inventory management software, garments ERP customer want's to

go for custom development. When your business size or application field small in size or not too many

requirements then we suggest you use ready built software. But when you need to meet the huge

solution as your applicable industry demand then you need to go for custom development of the


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