Top 10 Online Education Websites In Bangladesh

Online is the best way to learning. You are an online learner. Are you searching e-learning platform in Bangladesh? You came right website. You can know the name of online classes sites in Bangladesh. Any types of students can learn (Academic or professional students). In COVID -19, everything stopped but learner continue their learning by online. We shared with you top online classes websites in Bangladesh.

Top 10 E-learning Platform in Bangladesh list

  • 10 Minute School

  • Repto Education Center

  • Positive Campus


  • ShikkhokBatayon


  • Study

  • Amar Pathshala

  • LekhaPora BD

  • EducationPediaof Bangladesh

10 Minute School

10 Minute School is one of the famous and updated online learning platforms in Bangladesh. Ayman Sadik created this online learning platforms in 2015. This online learning platform has different types of categories (Academic from 1 to 12 classes, JSC, SSC, HSC, University Admission, Skill Development, Professional courses). It is sponsored by Telco giant ROBI.

Different fields of professional courses they provide like English Language, Al Quran, MS Office, Graphic Design, Web Design, Job Preparation.

Positive Campus

Positive Campus created by Shahidul Islam Sahen and sponsored by Smart Software Ltd. The Best online learning platform is Positive Campus. They provide lots of courses to their students. Very expert instructors create course videos and upload the Positive Campus website. Students choose the courses and enroll in the courses and get certified. They provide paid and free courses to their students. They upload professionals course videos like digital marketing, graphic design, web design, database management, programming language, English language, etc.

Repto Education Center

Repto Education is considered a deshi version of Udemy. There is a very simple education system in Repto Education. So many experts created tutorials videos and upload the Repto Education website for students. Most students enroll in courses and get certified. Some of the courses are free and paid. Different professional fields of courses - Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, MS Office, Photography, English Language, database, Entrepreneurship, etc. They develop their student's skills.

In 2012, Ragib Hasan created the online learning platform This is one of the oldest online learning sites in Bangladesh. is a panel of teachers. Experts and excellent teachers create videos for students. So many important courses they are continuing like freelancer, web and mobile application, programming language, english language, different subject of engineering, etc. They also continue academic courses.

Shikkhok Batayon

Shikkhok Batayon is a government project in Bangladesh. Their aims to bring the digitalization of education of our country into a reality. This online learning portal is mainly enriched with PowerPoint presentations and pdf contents explaining different terms of academic studies. There are three mainstream education contents in Shikkhok Batayon. General, Madrasah, & Technical are available in ShikkhokBatayon. Teachers prepared their contents and uploaded to own profile. This is a completely free site for all. is a subject-wise course learning platform. An instructor can take a different model test to prepare yourself with your subjects. They have on the lower-level to upper-level academic courses. They have audio-video courses from a range of courses like CPA training, SEO, WordPress, graphic design, affiliate marketing, android development, etc. Blog Post helps to know the students for the latest news.


Study is an online learning website but it's a totally different and unique website. It's basically created for jobs or professional education websites. They regularly updated questions to help the students to test themselves. It's really a competitive exam preparation website. Students can easily find previous questions and take preparation for the next exam. They find different types of sectors like BCS, Admission, Engineering Job, Bank Job, etc.

Amr Pathshala

The most popular educational portal is Amr Pathshala. Amr Pathshala is based on educational information like admission circular and result, Career guide, job circular govt & non-govt. They spread information with students. So many lessons they provide like BCS and Other Job Preparation and on foreign language also. They cover all academic classes, professional and skill development courses in one place.

LekhaPora BD

LekhaPora BD is a famous educational website in Bangladesh founded by Al Mamun Munna. In the Bangla Community blog site, LekhaPora BD is the first educational website. They provide all kinds of educational information. Develop your Professional and Skill to join LekhaPora BD. Admission test, result, subjects, syllabus, suggestion, routine, textbook, job circular, etc. Their aim is to create a community of students at all levels.

Edu Cernival

Educarnival provides useful information to the students of Bangladesh since 2011. Educarnival providing several services to the students through few segments; like- Job Preparation, Admission Preparation, Previous Question, Study guideline, IELTS preparation, etc. News portal helps to know the students for the latest news.

EducationPedia of Bangladesh

Basically, EducationPedia of Bangladesh creates for the admission test exam. Students get prepared for their university admission test exams. All departments of students can be studied at the admission preparation tab. Science, Humanities, and Commerce are the department of studies. To prepare yourself, you can take different model test exams. They always share the updated news with their students. They have already listed the name of universities; you need to select the name which you want. Get updated information and prepared yourself.


At present, Online Learning is one of the popular learning methods in Bangladesh. Students can complete different types of courses like digital marketing, graphic design, web design, exam preparation, academic curriculum, etc.

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