The Ultimate Guideline for Making an Evergreen eCommerce Website: 2020

eCommerce store or eStore becomes one of the hottest topics in today’s world. The rapid growth of information and communication technology made the world shrunk into a global village. Now, people don’t need to visit any physical store anymore. Everything can be  purchased from an online store. Even heavy types of equipment or furniture can be purchased from an online store. But that doesn’t mean every company is in a good position. A lot of  eCommerce companies are suffering and many of them could not even reach break-even.  We do some deep research on eCommerce websites and figure out a few guidelines can help  eCommerce owner to reach their goals. In the end, our goal is to win customers' interest, trust and ultimately the business.


# Standard Homepage & Design

The homepage creates the first impression to a user. If your homepage is not lucrative, the  chances are high that users will leave your website very soon. So, the first steps is to focus  more on homepage of your eCommerce store.

Few guidelines to create a lucrative homepage:

1. Make sure your eCommerce store has a nicely designed logo on top of the page and the logo is linked to the homepage.

2. People often visit eCommerce websites for specific products. It may not visible in your homepage. So, make sure your website a have search bar on top of the page.

3. Sometimes promotional banners grab the customer’s attention. Includes few promotional banners along with Call To Action button in your eStore.

4. Finally, do a cross-browsing test and make sure that the eCommerce shop working perfecting on all the popular browsers and mobile devices.


# Content & Products

“Content is King”. The more good content you have, the customer will spend more time on your eStore and thus lead to purchase. So, you need to decorate your eCommerce website with nice  content. You can keep a blog portion or you can provide detailed information on the product page. Apart from this, You need to make sure few contents are available on every single page of your eCommerce website. A clear-cut information page that provides all the information related to terms & conditions, shipping policy, and others. The product category along with  short description can add an advantage. Keeping a blog section is not mandatory but it gives additional value and keeps you ahead of your competitors. You can simply post some products related posts once a week. Includes several product links in your blog so that customers can directly visit the product page and purchase the product.


# Product Page

The product page and single product page are very important for an eCommerce website. This is the place where a customer decides to purchase the product or not.

Few checklists for product page:

1. On the product page, mention all the information related to products and includes multiple pictures of the product. If possible, show 3D view of the product. This will surely add extra advantage over your competitors.

2. Link social media sharing tab in your product details section so that customers can share the product on different social media.

3. Add a similar product section so that customers can aware of other related products.

4. A short video to show how to use the product or showcase the unique features of the products.

5. A authenticate user review section.

These are a few extraordinary features that will give you an edge over your competitor. But make sure your product page has all the basic features like Add to cart, Call To Action, Optimized Product Title, Product Attribution and so on.


# Cart & Checkout Procedure

This is the last and most important portion of an eCommerce website. Because customers hit this portion before final purchase. Make an easy and user-friendly cart and checkout section so that the customer can easily understand every single step.


Cart Section:

Do not make the procedure complex. In the cart section, provide product name and quantity and put an option to add or remove existing items. Make it as simple as possible. After completing the cart section, Provide a clear indication for the Next step.


Checkout Section:

Most eCommerce owner put many unnecessary fields on the checkout page thus lead the checkout procedure more complex and lengthy. Sometimes customers get bored and leave the website without even purchasing the products. The checkout page should be completely hassle-free. It should not contain any unnecessary fields. Another unique approach to make the checkout process hassle-free is Guest Checkout. Meaning, Customers do not need to create an account to purchase. Only necessary information like, Billing Info, Shipping info and Delivery info will be there. This will create a positive effect on customers’ minds.


# Customer Support & Follow-up

Although eCommerce business is booming in Bangladesh but customers are still confused about the online shops. They think several times before making a purchase. To gain the trust of customers, an eCommerce owner should clearly mention on the website about after sell support or Product guarantee/warranty information on the website. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) can be added on the website so that customers can get some information from there. Another important aspect is the follow-up with old customers. Give some incentive to them. You can provide a special discount code so that they come back again and make the purchase and increase word of mouth referrals.

These are some basic guidelines to start an eCommerce business. If you want to know more or

plan to open an eCommerce platform, feel free to contact us.