5 Easy Steps in Choosing the Best Software Development Company For Your IT Project.

Picking the best software company for your IT projects is not an easy job as there are tons of Software Development company in Bangladesh. Keep that in mind that the success of your project depends on the software development company. You have to be very cautious about selecting your development company for your project but selecting the best could be a challenge.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can choose the right software development  company for your IT-based projects.


1. Check their experience:

The first and most important thing is to check the company experience. An inexperienced company can complete your projects in due time. But there could be a lot of imperfect functions and unstable performance. In the end, you will be the sufferer. So, how you can select an experienced IT company for your project. Check their website. You may not find any fault on their website but you could get an idea about their projects. Note that, an experienced & established company should have several past projects or project details on their website. Take a look at the previous project details. Probably they will not show all the details of the past projects they have worked on as they should respect their clients’ privacy and confidentiality. But these pieces of information will give you an indicator of the sort of projects and size that they can handle.


2. See Portfolios:

Most of the software companies have a lucrative website and showcase some of their successful projects. It’s better to start your analysis by visiting their websites and doing some research on their previous works. Look over their website and see if they have any experienced related to your projects. Check their portfolio and spend few times browsing through it. If they have a demo version uploaded on their website, check the design and the performance of the product. Additionally, You can also take a look at other review websites to check their profile. You can use Google or Facebook or Clutch. These are very useful sources of information and by this, you will be able to get some authenticate review of their clients.


As there is so many software development company in Bangladesh, you need to select the best one for your project. Their portfolios and review may give you valuable insights about them.


3. Evaluate Their Capabilities:

Before you hand over your project to a software company, you have to make sure of their capabilities. Ask them about their available developers in particular fields or on the specific technology. You could ask like, how many developers they have in Web apps section or eCommerce section or mobile apps section. In addition, try to get information about the skills of developers or simply ask them about the experience of developers in a specific technology. Especially ask the experience of the project manager who will be responsible for your project. It’s important to have your project in the hands of a project manager with vast experience in delivering similar work.


4. Compare offers:

Obviously, You will take several offers from several companies. During your search, make sure that you have clearly defined your requirements and provide as much information possible so that they can understand your requirements clearly. A good software company will help you to explore your ideas and they will also suggest you based on your idea.

Once you get all the offers from several companies, compare the price, completion time and other terms & conditions. Don’t go for the cheaper one. Take a deep look at all the offers. Try to understand which company closely meets your requirements. The best software development company will try their best to understand your requirements and most likely to give you the best results.


5. After Sales & Technical Support:

It is the last and most important thing to check. Software product required a lot of technical support. Sometimes your software may crash or stop functioning. This time you required the help of the software development company. A good software development company will give you quick support at that time.

After completion of your project, you may explore that, your software product needs some additional functionality that may easier your work process or you want to add some additional modules in your software. For example, you have accounting management software and now you want to add HR  management tools in your software. This time you have to go back to the same to the vendor to add this module. Because other vendors will refuse to add extra modules to different companies’ products. They will offer you to buy the entire new project from them. This will be very expensive for you. So, you have to make sure that, your selected software development company offers that facilities to its client.


We have listed a few must-follow steps to select the right software company for your IT projects. Before you start, make sure you mention all the details in the terms & conditions, Development procedure, Project timeline and also settle down the after-sale support. By following these steps, we expect, you will be able to choose the right software development company for your IT project.