Best POS software provider company in Bangladesh

POS in the detail is known as the Basic needs of a business to keep the perfect and accurate calculation of account. Not only account it also keep its eye on the inventory management system to provide high-quality customer service. Nowadays the POS system has gone popular for small and medium retailers. Easy access, user-friendly, effectiveness make the POS system more popular. Users can access the POS from any parts of the world

In our research got a clear idea of how important the POS in Bangladeshi shops. Most of the shops in Bangladesh commonly found as small or medium. Pos is very effective in both of the sizes.

Benefits of Retail POS Software

·         Reduces Time Spent on Administration

·         Increase store profitability

·         Simplified stock management

·         Loyalty

·         Business intelligence

·         Instant access

·         Improved customer service

·         Better financial reporting

·         Streamlined business operations

·         Optimized record keeping


·         Accelerated transactions

Why you get the best POS from Smart Software?

Most of the software company in Bangladesh comes to the market to develop and capture the demand for POS software in Bangladesh. But the main and common lacking comes to one point that client satisfaction and slightly budget.

Companies are not willing to provide after-sales support when the client's need.

Smart Software is a pioneer who works in this competitive market to accept the challenge. Actually, with changing requirements, we also face the challenge but interesting topics are that we already listed and worked on all the points on the POS system. No other extra function exists that is not listed to us.

We think we have to provide after-sales support because it makes the long term relationship with the customer. It Impacts on our business.


Why do people ask you where did you get this software?

Access from anywhere

Our POS software is accessed via a browser, which means you can access from anywhere, from any parts of the world.

Businesses will be smooth you just need a  device that has an internet connection and can run a browser, there are no platform limitations

Super Easy to use

Why did I add the super word? Our software is super easy to use.   All the functionalities, modules are made very easy to understand.

Updated Inventory management system

You can categorize your products according to name, brand, type, tag, supplier, and handle, among others. This simplifies inventory counts, reports, and online store collection organization. The product catalog is centralized to avoid human errors and double data entries across your sales channels.

No need to have extra knowledge

We develop this software very simple for the user. We tested from different phases to find any lacking but we fail. We already got positive reviews from our clients. We believe we develop for you and you will be able to use it.

High security and Backup  facilities :

We always work on some core criteria like security, requirements, updated technology. Clients' satisfaction is our asset for those reasons we provide the best and tight security for our software. So that your data are being handled with the highest security. The backup option helps you to store the data 


Smart Software is a software company that has the main focus on how small - mid-level businesses gain more customers and streamline their internal operations. We are the developer who is offer management solutions to small -mid-level business in Bangladesh, enabling small business owners across many industries to efficiently manage their business and continue to grow.

Accounting and Inventory Management Software.