Best Features of Retail Point-of-Sale Software

Point of Sale (POS) Software manages retail shops like a small and medium business. In POS System, users can create invoices very easily for both customers and suppliers. POS Software in Bangladesh, many developer companies develop their software. Some companies provide their software a number of days or month time FREE. It's a trail for customer satisfaction and ensures before buying software.

Smart Software Ltd provides the best Point of Sale (POS) Software in Bangladesh. POS Software can use different types of Retail store or shop like Super shop, Grocery shop, Confectionery shop, Medicine shop, Garments shop, and any kind of retail shop.

POS Software:

Smart Software Ltd provides two retail POS Software for customer requirements. One is Smart Account and another is Smart Dokani. Both software’s are cloud software and your data will secure. You can access it anytime and anyplace.

Smart Account:

Smart Account is a powerful retail pos software. Any kind of small and medium business can use a smart account. Many important features included this.

Top Features of Smart Account

·         Customer Profile

·         Supplier Profile

·         Customers Due Collection

·         Suppliers Due Payment

·         Products Uploads

·         Sales & Purchase

·         Income-Expense

·         Fund Transfer

·         Inventory Reports

·         Customer Ledger Reports

·         Supplier Ledger Reports

·         Powerful Search Options

·         Role Management

·         Bulk SMS

·         Dashboard


Describe some important features of Smart Account

Customer & Supplier Profile: Create your customer and supplier account for easy to sales and purchase products. Information is important for the analysis market.

Due Collection & Payment:  Easily collect your customer's due and pay your due to your supplier by Smart Account. Create customer and supplier due to reports for your safety.

Products Upload: Easy to add and uploads your products with category, unit, brand, sale price, purchase price, quantity, barcode (If have to your products), and more information related to your products. You can also upload your all products very easy way.

Sales & Purchase: Sale and purchase your products easily and create invoices. Check your sales and purchases reports. You can edit, delete, and print voucher. Different devices can create many invoices at a time.

Income-Expense: You can easily calculate and create income-expense for your store or shop. Without For sales or purchase income-expense, you can easily create invoices and save documents.

Fund Transfer: You can create more accounts in Smart Account software. You can use different accounts like cash, bank, and mobile banking account for sales or purchase and income-expense. Fund Transfer module can help you to transfer your amount from one account to another account. You can save your documents.

Inventory Reports:  Easy to check your inventory and observe your product quantity and decide which products you need to purchases and which products you give a discount or offer. Inventory reports help you to decide next to your products.

Customer & Supplier Ledger Reports: You can check any reports related to customers and suppliers. Specific customer reports overview and supplier overview. The very powerful searching method uses and finds your need.

Role Management: Admin can create more users easily and permission them. Very confidential information can hide from other users. Control your user in Smart Account and save your confidential information.

Dashboard: Smart Account dashboard is a very beautiful user interface and helpful information to overview your store. You can see today, yesterday, and monthly sales & purchase amount. Also see income-expense, number of different accounts amount, and more. The dashboard is basically a summary of your store or shop.


Smart Dokani:

Best POS App and Software is Smart Dokani. Now, Your Shop is in your pocket.

Smart Dokani is also a retail pos system but has extra facilities that are Mobile App. You can control your shop or store on your mobile and also use a laptop or desktop. Smart Dokani has all activities of Smart Account. Some extra facilities to help you to control your store or shop on your smartphone. Create your sales or purchase invoice on your smartphone and print it easily on the mobile printer. Very easy to use Smart Dokani to manage your small and medium shop. Smart Dokani very helpful for retail shopper and increase your sales online.

Smart Dokani is a powerful mobile app and software. The online platform is a very important module for retail shoppers. This is not only an inventory management app and software it’s also an eCommerce platform to sell your products online. Smart Dokani helps you to increase your sales.

Smart Dokani helps you to manage your retail shop.