Best POS Software in Bangladesh

Point-of-Sale is called POS. A point of Sale where is a retail transaction. In time or any place when a transaction is complete, this is called a Point of Sale or POS. There are some procedures to complete the transaction uses software is called POS Software. The software can help you to create transaction invoices easily. Point of Sale or Point of Purchase you can create easily in Software.

POS System Help You

·         POS Software can use for easy to work and fast working to improve your business.

·         Easy to create sales or purchase invoice.

·         Easy to collect due and pay your due to supplier.

·         Inventory Manage

·         Create more invoice at a time.

·         Create more Sales.

Top POS Software Companies in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are so many software companies provide POS Software. Here some top POS Software provider companies in Bangladesh.

·         Smart Software Ltd

·         Media Soft BD

·         Soft IT Security

·         Syntech BD

·         Invento Software Ltd

·         Zaman IT

·         Digital Software BD

·         Extreme Solution

·         Star IT Ltd

POS Software helps you to manage your shop.

Smart Software Ltd.

The first POS Software provider company is Smart Software Ltd. They provide the best POS Software in Bangladesh. This Point-of-Sale software is very powerful software and user can use easily. It’s a user-friendly software. Smart Software called Smart Account. Smart Account is a retail pos software. Smart Account can manage any kind of a small and medium business. You can easily create sales, purchase, inventory manage, account manage, all related reports like customer & supplier ledger reports, stock reports, payments & due reports, income-expense reports, more. Very important feature is role management that means you can control your users on Smart Account.

Smart Software recently launch new pos software and app which called Smart Dokani. Dokani can also manage your shop on laptop, desktop, and smartphone. All important features included on Smart Dokani but most exclusive feature is online orders. That means Smart Dokani is like an eCommerce platform. Retail shopper can manage their shop and increase their sale online. Extra benefit of Smart Dokani is offline platform. Smart Software doesn't take any charge of offline users. Smart Dokani is the best retail POS Software and App in Bangladesh.It’s Free POS Software and Mobile App.Smart Dokani being update day by day.

Smart Software provides the best support to clients after sales and become a famous software company in Bangladesh.

Media Soft BD

Media Soft BD is the second position of POS Software in Bangladeshof our list. POS Software which can create sales, billing, and inventory management for retail shop. They are very popular pos software provider company in Bangladesh. User interface, best pos system features including and best service provide to clients. They provide best pos software and now famous pos software provider company in Bangladesh. Small amount of cost they take charge.


Soft IT Security

Soft IT Security company provides pos software in Bangladesh for retail shop. Sla and buy are the central process of trade and commerce of point-of-sale system. They provide so many types of retail shop like jewelry store, pharmacy store, gym and fitness, shoe store, saree and boutique, and some another types of retail shops. Important features and best service to famous Soft IT Security.


SyntechSolution Ltd

SyntechSolution is a famous pos software in Bangladesh. Different types of business they provide pos software. Grocery shop, medicine shop, food shop, shoe shop, cloth shop, and many different types of shop they provide pos software which is cloud software.Syntech POS System is very easy to use interface, secure software authentication user hierarchy, and easy to access of customer information. You can include multiple shop in this pos system.


Invento Software Ltd

Invento Bangladesh, point of sale software and they provide pos software for retail shop like restaurant shop, super shop, retail shop, and more. Beautiful features and low price of invento pos software. This pos software can use any devices such as mobile, laptop, desktop computer and any places such as in Dhaka and out of Dhaka. It’s a cloud software. Now is famous their pos software.


Zaman IT

POS Software in Bangladesh. Zaman IT provides point of sale system for retail shop. They provide retail pos software and become they famous of pos provider company. Best service and features they provide on pos software and add unlimited customers to create sales.


Digital Software BD

Digital Software BD provides POS Software which is a billing system for retail shop. POS Software system Stock Sales and Inventory Management in Bangladesh.They are Bangladeshi POS Software developer company and they provide POS system at any place in Bangladesh. Easy to create sales invoice and purchase invoice. Check your inventory reports and update your products quantities. They provide so many important features and best service after sales. Low cost they take their pos software charge.


Extreme Solution

POS Software in Bangladesh provide Extreme Solution. Extreme POS is a software with sales-purchase, store-inventory and core-accounting system. So many software they provide and their pos software become a famous. It’s a great pos software and user-friendly features. Basically, it’s built for retail shop like grocery shop, medicine shop, shoe shop, cloth shop, confectionary shop, food shop, and more different types of store. Very lowest price they charge and provide best service to clients.


Star IT Ltd

Star IT company is listed top pos software company in Bangladesh. It’s a retail pos software where is beautiful user interface and important features. They provide their pos software in Dhaka and outside of Dhaka.



Best POS Software Company in Bangladesh. Point of Sale (POS Software) is the system where user can easily manage their store. Customers make payments for your goods or products and services and you can create invoice easily on POS Software. Online and offline both POS Software’s are available in Bangladesh. Cloud POS Software Store your data and provide security of your data. Easy to print invoice and increase your sales.