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Best HR & Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh

Smart HRM is an application to facilitate the complex task of managing Human Resources. This is powerful software that enables the user to manage Employee information, attendance, Leave Management, time-table, training, payroll, Employee Self Service, PF and income tax and etc. No matter how big your company is, Smart HRM can handle and manage all your HR related needs.

Our HR software comes with a user-friendly interface and provides easy management solutions for each stage of the employee lifecycle. HR managers can easily evaluate each employee. Additionally, Our hr software store all information in a secure platform which is safe from any unauthorized access.

Apart from these, Our hr software can also be customized based on specific requirements. It has all the options to make it the world's most flexible HR and Payroll Management Software. You can make any types of combinations to create your custom rules to meet your specific HR needs, which suit your organization.

Smart HRM is Best for Garments, Corporate Office and Factories. It can handle all HRM operations including employee information, payroll, attendance, Leave Management and so on.

Cloud Based HR Payroll Software

Smart HRM is a Cloud based HR Payroll Software as a web-based software application that is provided through the Internet. The user does not need a server or high configuration computer to handle this software. The software can be accessed from just about anywhere using the internet and any smart device.

Real Time Biometric Attendance Management System

We also provide Custom Biometric Attendance Device along with HR Software. This Device is Standalone, Smart, Hassle-free Wireless Biometric Cloud Based Attendance System. The Device Ensures Fingerprint matching of each user and Sends the information via GPRS/ Wi-Fi to the Cloud Server and thus made the data transfer hassle-free. This panel is also capable of being tailored acceding to the organizational need and structure of the client. With various types of reporting, data representation, leave management and many other unique features made our hr software unique from our competitors. our combined hardware and software solution can provide the edge which is needed in an Organization. It goes without saying, our combined hardware and software solution can increase an organization's efficiency and also save a lot of business time.

Attendance Device Configuration and Price.

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HR And Payroll Management Software Features

Complete HRM Solutions

Payroll Management

Easy Salary Generator System

Smart HRM comes with world class Payroll management system that helps keep track of all your Employees salary transactions.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Smart HRM gives you an easy way to manage the attendance of your employees. The system gives you all the functionalities required to meet your customized attendance management needs. The software takes your input and performs rest of the attendance calculation.

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

This Performance module concentrates on providing you with all the necessary information that you might like to know about any single employee from your organization, such as, skills, compensations, personal details, demographic information and other relevant information.

Benefits Management

Benefits Management

Any additional allowances and benefits provided to employees maintained in this module. This could include details about insurance policies, pension plans, stock options, and so on. In a word, Smart HRM keeps track of anything that you might need from a world class Benefits management module.

Employee self-service

Employee self-service

Employee self service is a powerful module that provides employees access to pertinent information through a web-enabled without involving HR staff. Subject to your information and security policies, employees can view and update personal information, providing tremendous time and cost savings.

Scheduling & Time-Table Management

Shifting and Roasting

HRM Using web-enabled and self-service concepts, management of vacation and leave requests was never easier. This integrated module enables online processing of requests and approval for leave and vacation time.

Software Features of Human Resources Management System

Employee Information:

This Module kept all the necessary information about every single employee. If the company wants to check information about an employee, this module pulls all information related to that employee. The company can also edit/add new information related to that employee.


Attendance function plays a vital role in manpower section. It provides the easy way to manage the daily attendance of employees. Moreover, the company can also customized this module and can add new features like shift schedules, shift distribute, shift delete, attendance summary, attendance process.

Employee Shift Management:

Flexible Roistering Duty System/ Employee Shift Module Will Easily Assign, Roas, and Track Employee Shift Schedules. It Can Help You to Ease Out The Troublesome Shift Management, Therein Allows The Users To Create And Manage Employ.

Leave Management:

Leave management function provides the privilege to leave setup, calculation and so on. We have two module like as Leave Management & Short Leave Management With Leave Application, Recommendation & Approval.


Allowances related information like house rent, allowance, education allowance, allowance distribute, allowance log can be maintained by this module.


Gross deduction directly related to net payment of the employees. All types of regular deductions, statutory deductions, any one-time deductions maintained by this function. This is one of the must-have features of every HR and payroll management software.

HR Loan Management:

The HR Loan module enables the employees for requesting loans with details such as Loan amount, installment Applicable From date, number of installment, attachments etc. There is an option to approve and Reject the system.


This system maintained monthly salary calculation for each employee, the user can define Basic Salary, Allowances, and Deductions, even OT hours, OT calculation and absents to print the net salary.

User Manage:

By maintained hierarchy, certain employees get the privilege to control this software. This function allows the global admin to create different user roles to manage employee data over various modules.

HR Report:

This functionality helps HR to get the final printed copy of different information based on salary to attendance even overtime to loan of every employee when they need it.

Salary Report:

Salary can be paid by hand, check or Bank but the most important thing is to track and generating the report. This function is able to give the final print by calculating absence, deduction, loan, overtime of any employee.

Provident Fund:

Withdrawals and remaining balance, loan and deposit, statement check all these types of information can be managed by this module.

HRM Mobile App Features:

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